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Does this sound like your business?

“I received a negative review, and can’t seem to recover from it.”

“We don’t have as many reviews compared to our competitors, so we are losing out on customers.”

“I’m struggling to get more business due to my online reputation. I need help!”

If this sounds like you, ReviewLead is the answer. ReviewLead has helped thousands of businesses improve their online reputation and thrive!

need help?

online reviews matter

Turn positive reviews into more business.

ReviewLead is a must for any small business today. Consumers look to reviews before making a purchase or scheduling a service – how do you stack up with your competition? We can bring in positive reviews consistently for your business, alert you as soon as they’ve posted publicly, AND automatically share any 5-star reviews to your social media and your website. This is reputation management like you’ve never seen before.

online reputation

by the numbers

Reviews can make or break any small business.

95% search for local business online

91% read online reviews about local business

84% people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation

73% of consumers think that reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant

Most consumers look at 2+ reviews sites before making a decision. Will they see you?


ReviewLead is the answer.

ReviewLead is a big deal if you own a business. No matter your industry of interest, reviews are the bread and butter of attracting new clients. Here’s how our review platform can help your business:

Get more 5-star reviews consistently.

All you need is your customer’s name and email address or phone number. With ReviewLead, your customer is contacted close to the time of service, so their 5-star experience is fresh in their mind. We make sure you get a steady stream of reviews, so customers know you are active and providing stellar service consistently.

Monitor reviews in real-time.

Get alerts as soon as someone leaves a review for your business, no matter what platform they use. This allows you to stay on top of customer feedback and communicate with them in a timely manner.

Stop negative reviews.

With ReviewLead, you can give customers the opportunity to leave any feedback offline, instead of posting publicly. We give you the tools for responding appropriately to any negative feedback.

Share your 5-star reviews.

You can stream your 5-star reviews to Facebook, Twitter, and your website’s testimonials page so potential customers can see all of your reviews in real-time!


Trusted Client's


25 5-star reviews in less than one month . Awarded one of their largest contracts to date. “We chose you because of all those awesome reviews!”


25 5-star reviews in less than one month . Awarded one of their largest contracts to date. “We chose you because of all those awesome reviews!”


ReviewLead can take your company to the next level!

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Get your FREE review audit today.

You may not be aware of all of the reviews posted online about your business. With this free audit, you can see where customers are reviewing you, and get a tailored plan to improve your overall star rating on Google and other popular review platforms.

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